Since the COVID-19 crisis and the war in Ukraine, inflation is booming.
And what about inflation? 
Leonardo Gomez Mariaca - 2022-07-18
Primary Concept

In the previous article, we discussed the notion of halving, i.e. the fact that miners are rewarded for their work with bitcoins every 10 minutes or so. At the time, we made the following observation: rewarding miners with bitcoins, which have not been available until now, is the equivalent of creating money. And money creation means inflation. 

How to connect your DApp to a Wallet ?
Connect a iOS or Android DApp to Web3 Wallet
Guillaume Grandjean - 2022-06-26

Nowadays, more and more applications are using blockchain technology to provide amazing features. One of your first steps as a developer will probably be to connect your DApp (decentralized application) to a wallet to interact with the user's account.

The blockchain is nothing more than a public series of transactions that mus be "mined", which means controlled and verified.
Blockchain and the idea of Bitcoin
Leonardo Gomez Mariaca - 2022-06-13
Primary Concept

In the last article, we discussed the crucial principle of decentralization on which the functioning of all crypto currencies is based. Here, we will go deeper into the subject around the concept of the blockchain, and in order to do so, we will have to talk about bitcoin. As we saw earlier, the security on which the whole principle of decentralization relies is to make the transaction information public, so that everyone can verify daily that the currency he or she receives is indeed real. In the example we used in the last article, we talked about a large whiteboard on which the transaction should be written down for everyone to see. If we transfer this board to the digital world, we discover the blockchain. Each bitcoin is traced, followed from owner to owner, and it is this information that is kept public to avoid counterfeiting. Of course, the owners are anonymized behind account numbers, but they are still identifiable. To draw a parallel to understand the revolution in the financial system that this implies, let us imagine that the banks published all their transactions on the Internet. Nowadays, this would be an impossible violation of banking secrecy.

The main principle of decentralisation
The decentralization
Leonardo Gomez Mariaca - 2022-06-12
Primary Concept

The first principle to understand and grasp the challenges posed by NFTs, as well as for cryptocurrencies, are decentralised. This is the idea that separates the notion of electronic money, which has long been used by everyone, and a cryptocurrency. Today, our system essentially revolves around banks: when you buy a product in a shop, the price of the product is debited from your account, while the money goes to the account of the seller. The banks have an authoritative role, as they validate the payment, control the smooth running of the transaction, and keep a record of it. This system is centralised around the banks, as there is clearly a form of hierarchy: the banks that handle the transfer of money, and below them, the customers.